LG Uplus to export smart car solution to Middle East

LG Uplus to export smart car solution to Middle East

2015-02-23 19:33

LG Uplus, South Korea’s third largest mobile carrier, said Monday that it has inked a supply deal for its smartphone mirroring system for automobiles, Car Link, in Saudi Arabia.The Car Link connects smartphones and car navigation systems, enabling drivers to utilize smartphone functions including surfing the Internet, and making calls, on the navigation systems.

LG Uplus officials pose with the smartphone mirroring solution for automobiles, Car Link, in Seoul on Monday. (LG Uplus)

The smartphone mirroring system will be mounted on navigation systems of Hyundai Motor cars to be shipped to the Middle East nation this year.

The supply deal will help the mobile carrier in increasing its presence in the Middle East region and global smart car businesses, the company said.

The connected car market is deemed to be a future cash cow for many global tech firms including Apple and Google, which have developed smart car systems CarPlay and Android Auto, respectively.

LG Uplus vice chairman Lee Sang-chul previously said that “the development of IT is changing the concept of cars, which will further evolve into private spaces specifically tailored for individuals.”

The Car Link, codeveloped by Korean IT solutions developer Ubridge and LG Uplus last September, is compatible with a wide range of cars and navigation systems including those made by BMW, Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz.


Ubridge at the MWC 2015!



Featuring mirroring technology solutions at the World’s greatest mobile convention!

A lot of expectation is building up among visitors and international buyers over the real-time smartphone and car gps system mirroring.
UBRIDGE(CEO: Lee Byeong Joo), the expert in mirroring solutions, has announced it will be present at the MWC from March 2nd to March 5th which will be held in Barcelona, Spain. URIDGE will line up both “Car Link (oncar.com)” and “Y’Link (ylink.com)”, the two flagship products of the South Korean company, at the biggest mobile venue on the planet.

MWC 2015 is a great opportunity for the industry parties to not only witness the latest mobile market trends, but also directly advertise their products to global mobile businesses and hardware manufacturers. UBRIDGE will be there to show its expertise in matters of mirroring solutions, and meet the visitors and international buyers expectations by presenting Ylink and Car Link.

UBRIDGE’s Y’LINK and Car Link are the third generation of mirroring technology, which allows full control of mobile devices. Y’LINK, for example, provides smooth and seamless full two-way mirroring between smartphones and PCs. As users can use the keyboard and mouse to control the smartphone, and thanks to the speaker support, they can enjoy contents, movies, music, chatting applications, etc. on a larger screen, whether at the office or at home. It also allows fast switching between smartphone and computer back and forth while calling, texting, or using any other app.

Car Link on the other hand will give users the ability to touch control and manage their smartphone through the car navigation system and vice versa, lag free. Thus, users can get live traffic info updates through dedicated mobile apps, or use their favorite video or music streaming service.

The multitasking function  phone and navigation splits the screen in half and displays both the GPS system and the smartphone on the same screen.

Visitors are invited to visit the UBRIDGE  booth located Hall 7, 7E21.

CEO Lee declared: ‘The MWC 2015 will be a great opportunity for Ubridge to introduce high-quality and convenient mirroring solutions to potential international buyers and visitors. We will focus on exporting our services to outside of Korea, and increase the reputation of Korean technology in the international market.”