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Hello, this is oncar.
The solution information for oncar ez and oncar Displays has been added to the website.

oncar ez is a wired version of oncar for the global.
You can check the supported smartphone at the exclusive page. (oncar ez phone compatibility list)

oncar Display is an oncar solution for iPhone using the Apple's AirPlay technology.
※ Touch operation via the car display is not possible.

Please check the oncar version of the car display and install and use the appropriate oncar app.
Thank you.
Hello, this is oncar.

It has been confirmed that Samsung Galaxy M20 does not work the oncar as normal.

The Galaxy M20 model is a specific country (India)-oriented smartphone,
and in this case, the binary and platform keys are different from those released smartphones domestically and globally.

For the reasons mentioned earlier, domestic oncar, which is a method of transmitting screen/voice according to the policy and security rating of smartphones by country, is not supported.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to provide better service.

Thank you.
Hello, this is oncar.

In some apps, including Spotify, the login screen may not be mirrored due to the app's security policy.

Please use it after logging in from your smartphone.

Thank you.
Hello, this is oncar.

After Friday May 3, Installation issues for some Samsung models including the Galaxy S10 have been cleared.

You can use it normally if you update "Ubridge Plug-in1 for SAMSUNG" and "oncar" from the Play Store.

Again, we apologize for your inconvenience to use.

We'll do the best to prevent the same problem since.

Thank you.


Hello, this is oncar.

A problem has been identified at Samsung Galaxy S10 models since the March 28 firmware version update. (S10E / S10 / S10+ / S10 5G).

To solve the problem, we are in the process of reviewing the technology and working the solution.

We apologize for any inconvenience to you and will make sure that you use it as soon as possible. 

We will notify you when the issue is resolved.

Thank you.

The oncar site has been renewed.

This is an intuitive upgrade to oncar's features and supporting devices.

Please check the FAQ first if you have any questions.

We'll answer any other questions as soon as possible if you post them on Q&A.

We hope you are interested in oncar.

Thank you.
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