oncarSmart Driving Experience

oncar is the best choice for you living in smart world.
oncar with a lot of apps helps you to make a new driving experience and to be smarter on the road. Just use it as you are with your smartphone.

Car display serves as your smartphone

What if your car provides functions you need, just as your smartphone? Leave it to oncar!
oncar mirrors the screen and sound of your smartphone into a car display.

  • Screen Mirroring

    oncar removes the boundary between smartphone screens and car displays.
    You can meet your smartphone on a larger car display.

  • Sound Mirroring

    Your smartphone can be connected to a powerful car audio system.
    Enjoy your audio contents in the best condition.

  • Touch Mirroring

    You can control your smartphone by touching the car display. Use the most familiar user interface while driving.

Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, … of apps for you

The most convenient, most friendly, and smartest option is already in your pocket.
oncar lets you feel this convenience in your car, either.
Applications in App store are ready to be with you while you are driving.

  • Navigation
  • Music
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System

Different vehicle displays may support different applications.

Your safety is the top priority

oncar always keeps the danger of using a smartphone while driving in mind and prevents distractive contents from being exposed. oncar’s safe-driving functions are constantly improving.

  • Safe-driving manager

    oncar knows which app contents are useful and which can be dangerous during driving.
    oncar blocks contents that disturb you and helps you concentrate on your driving.

  • oncar media manager

    oncar has its own integrated multi-media player.
    This enables you to control media apps more easily and to focus on the road.

Android? Wired? Wireless?
Everything is possible in oncar

oncar also supports wired and wireless environments. oncar provides automatic connectivity after the initial connection between your smartphone and a car display.

  • Simple connection with Wired mode

    Just connect your smartphone and a car display via a USB cable, and use oncar. It is not only simple, but also stable method to enjoy oncar.

  • Convenient connection with Wireless mode

    There are no USB cables. Or, USB cables are annoying.
    oncar in wireless mode would satisfy you.

Join this exciting experience
with our partners

You can meet oncar with more than 100 car displays, and the number has been increasing.
See where you can experience a special driving with oncar.

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