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Hello, i have a problem with my multimedia device . The oncar app starts and connects to phone wifi, but after 20-30 seconds it says connection not stable and reconnecting , it takes 1 or 2 minutes to reconnect then again it says connection not stable and repeats itself. It does that with all phones. I am currently using Samsung s10, my wife has S8 and previously i had samsung s6. All have same results. Please help.
Please add support Samsung Note Fan Edition with Elantra 2018 Turkey
Dear Murat.

Thank you for interest in oncar.

Samsung Note Fan Edition For inquiries about smartphone support, please contact the AVN manufacturer.

Currently, devices using Wince OS do not support Galaxy S7 or later models.

Thank you.
My Huawei mate 20 x is not connecting to cerato 2018 united arab emirates, abu dhabi
Dear Ahmed.

Thank you for interested in "oncar".

We also hope to operate "oncar" in "Huawai".

But we needs to approve from "Huawai".

So, please request a website on "Huawai".

Thank you.
Does the SAMSUNG S7 EDGE work with the ONCAR app in Turkey?


Thank you for interest in oncar.

The oncar solution is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10. 

However, your TUCSON's AVN is not supported after the Galaxy S7.

Please contact your vehicle dealer.

Thank you.


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