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Please Add Audible & podcast Addict to the white list of apps that can be used while driving.

This are both Audio playback only applications that should be usable while driving, but require me to pull to a side to pause and play audio.

I use oncar with a Galaxy Note 9 ona Kia Forte 2016 in Mexico.


Addendum: somehow while waiting for this to happen it got even worse, now I cant even use google play music
I am using Smart-connect-II on my clio mk4 in Korea,
and your product never makes the proper connection establishment with my Sony Xperia XZ1 yet.

Would you let me know whether you have any plan to support Sony models?
Dear Sinwoo Yoo.

Thank you for interested in "oncar".

We also hope to operate oncar in "SONY".

But we needs to approve from "SONY". 

So request a website in "SONY". 

Separately, our development team is developing technology to apply foreign smart phones.

I hope we can give you some good news.

Thank you.

Waze problemAnswered




Hi, I uesd to run waze within oncar app, but now, waze does not work while oncar is running. Could you pls tel me what's the problem?
My phone: samsung galaxy s7
My car: kia cerato

Dear Rouzbeh.

Thank you for interest in 'oncar'.

we need some information about your country and Smartphone OS version.

And is there an issue while driving?

We need exact information about whether the screen is blocked or the app is not running.

If you can attach a picture, please attach it.

Please reply after checking.

Thank you. 

HUAWEI p30 proAnswered




When to add my device to the list
It's a pity there's no such great cellphone on the list.
My car is : Hyundai Elantra
Dear, Abdullahb.

Thank you for interested in "oncar".

We also hope to operate "oncar" in "Huawai".

But we needs to approve from "Huawai".

So request a website in "Huawai".

Thank you.

Thank you for your great product.

I have a Samsung A7 2017 and I drive a KIA Cerato. I can't run the Apple Music app because apparently it can't be used while driving. I am very dependent on this app and I'd like to know if it'd possible for you to make Apple music app compatible with oncar.

Thank you.
Dear Amin A.

Thank you for your interest in 'oncar'.

I contacted our verification team regarding Apple Music app's "Using while driving."

Music apps that play videos due to safety driving regulations are currently unavailable.

I'll reply again as soon as the verification is complete.

Thank you.
I'm asking if Samsung A50 & A70 are compatible with oncar (Kia Sportage 2019) or not ?
Dear YH.

Thank you for your interest in 'oncar'.

Currently, the Galaxy A50 & A70 smartphone is not a formal verification model.

Our verification procedures are quarterly or semi-annual at the request of the manufacturer.

Please contact your car's manufacturer or dealer for accurate information.

Thank you.
Hello, i have a problem with my multimedia device . The oncar app starts and connects to phone wifi, but after 20-30 seconds it says connection not stable and reconnecting , it takes 1 or 2 minutes to reconnect then again it says connection not stable and repeats itself. It does that with all phones. I am currently using Samsung s10, my wife has S8 and previously i had samsung s6. All have same results. Please help.
Dear Vlad.

Thank you for your interest in 'oncar'.

First of all, I'd like to say I'm sorry.

Our solutions are normally supported in the Android OS-based Head Unit.

However, the AVN you currently use uses the 'Window CE OS'.

In this OS, communication (Wi-Fi capability) problems have arisen since the Galaxy S7.

For accurate information, contact the dealer and manufacturer who purchased the vehicle.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.
Any update on the on car app? On both Android devices? And the head unit?
Dear Mhashem.

Thank you for your interest in 'oncar'.

We need to check some information.

Which country do you live in and which model of smartphone do you use?

I think I can give you an answer after checking it.

Thank you.
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